About Daniel Dugour

Owner of Lemonade Animation. Previously owner of Anitime 3D animation. BA Image & Media Technology from Utrecht School of the Arts. Interests include: visual arts, science, education, environment/sustainability.

QIPC explosion

QI Press Controls needed a visualisation of their groundbreaking Offset Press Control Camera IDS-3D. Through our friends of Zero Creative we were asked to convert the CAD-model and give it the beauty treatment. Including an exploded view, of course.

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Shower Room @ Art Venture

Bare structure, steel, rust, cables & art. That’s what Art Venture is about. An exhibition on a ship, currently at the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam-Noord, next to city beach Pllek. Caroline Wissing, the organizer of the event (together with curator Catherine van Lith) has transformed this 40 year old deep sea trawler from a rusting […]

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Geometric Dutch

Another doodle, just to get away from all the planning and budgeting for a short while. Always an exercise of course, this one is in lighting.

New website online

Our new dynamic website was born today! Everybody say Yay!


Time has been wasted, but in a good way. And self portraits are a long established tradition, are they not? (Anything to not appear vain or self centered! ūüėČ

Granny Lane in Andorra

The¬†short Granny Lane is to be shown at the Andorra Kids’ Film Festival, from 7 to 18 May 2014.


Cars, beasts of cars… secretly what all boys (and some girls) want. This Bugatti Veyron is supposed to be a beast. Not that I know a lot about cars, or sculpture for that matter, but I do know how to render an image. This one started off as a quick test to convert a […]


Another doodletime product. Enjoy.

Showreel 2014

Our 2014 showreel is ready for you to enjoy. If you’d rather see it in HD (I know we do!), just skip on over to Vimeo for a highres version!

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Granny Lane at ICFF in Reykjavik

The last two weeks of March 2014 the Icelandic Childrens Film Festival will be held in Reykjavik, and the organization requested that Granny Lane be sent in. Hurray!

The festival sounds really cool: the only art house cinema in the whole of Iceland organises this, non-profit. And their representative is really called Thor, can you […]