On the eve of Ragnarok, the legendary battle between the Norse Gods, Loki steals the hammer of Thor, the God of Thunder. This hammer, Mjølnir, must be returned to Thor, so he can fight against Loki’s spawn.

This is the story of the Dark Ride “Mjølnir, Thor’s Hammer“, which runs in a cave in the Norwegian theme park Tusenfryd. The new theme park ride was conceived and built by our client P&P Project Development. A 2D animated preshow, which was also produced by Lemonade, shown in the queueing area, introduces us to all the characters involved in the story. From Thor and Loki to Fenrir the Wolf, Jormungandr the Snake, to Surt, the ancient Fire God, and Hel, the goddess of the Underworld.

A cart with 4 degrees of rotational freedom takes us through the beautifully decorated cave, from Asgard where the Gods live, through 9 specific environments. At ten positions the cart halts, and 3D stereoscopic animation which integrates with the decor, show parts of the story. During the whole experience the voice of Thor is the guide, and he even helps us once in a while, although his powers are much diminished without his trusty hammer.

Lemonade Animation produced the high quality, high resolution stereoscopic 3D content for the ten screens. One screen is eleven meter wide, and uses a set of 4 HD projectors for the 3D image. Other effects include heat and wind, to enhance the experience of a flaming sword and a flight over a snowy mountain landscape.

The opening was at midsummer 2013 at Tusenfryd, Oslo, Norway.