Bare structure, steel, rust, cables & art. That’s what Art Venture is about. An exhibition on a ship, currently at the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam-Noord, next to city beach Pllek. Caroline Wissing, the organizer of the event (together with curator Catherine van Lith) has transformed this 40 year old deep sea trawler from a rusting hulk into a space where the paintings of industrial landscapes by Caroline, the organic paintings of Peter de Boer and the metal sculptures of Ron Moret fit right in.

The video-installation “Douchekamer” I made with Robbie Cornelissen has a great space to light up. This installation was part of the solo exhibition of Robbie Cornelissen at Centraal Museum in Utrecht in 2012. The work of Robbie Cornelissen, although usually monochrome, is akin to this space: narrow spaces and then large open spaces, cables in loose bundles, and regular patterns of structure. The installation feels right at home here.

Go see it @ Art Venture until 5 October!

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