Thor’s Hammer 2nd place in European Star Award Contest

Thor’s Hammer, the new Dark Ride in Oslo’s Tusenfryd theme park, for which Lemonade produced all stereoscopic animation, has received the 2nd place prize in the European Star Award contest, in the category Best Dark Ride. Whoohoo!

Mjølnir, Thor’s Hammer

On the eve of Ragnarok, the legendary battle between the Norse Gods, Loki steals the hammer of Thor, the God of Thunder. This hammer, Mjølnir, must be returned to Thor, so he can fight against Loki’s spawn.

This is the story of the Dark Ride “Mjølnir, Thor’s Hammer”, which runs in a cave in the Norwegian theme […]

Thor’s Hammer opens in Oslo

The theme park ride we have been working on for the last year will be opening on 22 June, the day after Midsummer. Yes, that’s a thing in the Scandinavian countries! We’re really looking formward to finally seeing it all come together: the decor, the music, the movements of the cart, the wind, the […]