Granny Lane in Andorra

The short Granny Lane is to be shown at the Andorra Kids’ Film Festival, from 7 to 18 May 2014.

Granny Lane at ICFF in Reykjavik

The last two weeks of March 2014 the Icelandic Childrens Film Festival will be held in Reykjavik, and the organization requested that Granny Lane be sent in. Hurray!

The festival sounds really cool: the only art house cinema in the whole of Iceland organises this, non-profit. And their representative is really called Thor, can you […]

Granny Lane premieres on 5 July

Our short Granny Lane will premiere on 5 July 2012 at Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam. This is the premiere for all four UltraKort films that were made this year. Others are Kiekje, Aurora and Chopper.